Knight of the Autumn Court


Template: Knight of the Fairy Court.

High Concept: Knight of the Autumn Fairy Court

Trouble Aspect: Nobody takes my court seriously


Autumn Magic

Marked by power

Superb 5+


Great 4+

Discipline, Conviction

Good 3+

Endurance, Weapon

Fair 2+

Lore, Contacts

Average 1+

Resources, Deceit


Born in Berkeley to a hippie couple. If there was something to argue authority with, they were there. At the age of 16, Becca had grown quite accustom to fighting right along side. In a “Save the Green House” protest in San Francisco, things got way out of hand. When the police should have been using rubber bullets, they did not and Becca’s parents were caught in the deadly cross fire. All alone she decided to not let her parents fight die and kept up the fight, now hating the police even more. A group of faerie girls helped her survive on her own.

She joined with a Team of Faerie Rebels (mostly girls), who were angry and ready to fight to the death over anything! These rebels became the core of the Autumn Court. In a Delores Park protest, she met Willow. Things went bad and Police officer Jonathan Marsh had us arrested. With a clever trick, once the cuffs were attached to her wrists, she slipped right out of them undetected. Pippen, a Knight of the Autumn Court, decided to make Becca his apprentice after this where she learned how to be Knight and the ways of the Courts. In a battle, he was killed and Becca picked up the banner and led the fight, leading the Autumn Court to Knight her. In the hang out of a Pizza Parlor, she met a young fairy named Daisy who discovered a freezer door portal to the Nevernever and was introduced to the Summer Court.

With her new friends Daisy and Willow, she stormed the Winter court to rescue her rebel fairy Iridessa. Iridessa had been wooed by the Winter court noble Vidia quite like the Ice Queen does in Narnia. Iridessa had to be rescued from the torture of becoming a soldier. Becca walked in, demanded Iridessa be returned in the name of the Autumn Court. She defeated Vidia with Autumn Magic, and this display of power proved that the Autumn Court had best be taken seriously (at least a bit).


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