Fire throwing pixie changeling of the Summer Court


Template: Changeling
High Concept: Firecracker
Trouble Aspect: Oh shit, Fire!

  • Diminutive Size
  • Wings
  • Channeling
  • Human Guise

(Superb) 5+
(Great) 4+
(Good) 3+
Might, Athletics
(Fair) 2+
Stealth, Endurance, Survivial
(Average) 1+
Resources, Burglary, Contacts, Rapport


Human mother had fling with a fae lothario; 9 months later what appeared to be a human bundle of joy arrived.

Somewhere amidst the throes of puberty it became suddenly and irrevocably clear that the child had something of her father in her after all: while throwing one of her many temper tantrums, she quite unexpectedly flashed into a tiny winged creature with a ring of fire radiating from her body singeing everything within several feet (the curtains were never the same, nor was her mothers hair for that matter).

After her “change”, she had a lot of questions and resentment for her mother, as her mother was well aware of who and more importantly “what” her father was. Not only had she withheld that pertinent information, she never even alluded to the fact that faeries and other supernatural entities truly existed. Daisy already having a volatile temper, developed the tendency to spontaneously radiate or fling fire at the object of her ire; considering the conflict between her mother and trying to come to grips with the reality of her life – the world in general, this happened a lot.

In the quest for more information, and others of her kind (both of which her mother was strongly opposed to), she started sneaking out of the house and exploring the city. She quickly realized that while in fae form she had additional senses; could pick up on the more subtle magics. This new awareness led her to a local Pizza Parlor which was frequented and run by changelings like herself, as well as various other supernatural beings.

Daisy’s mother eventually found out that she’d been skipping school and sneaking out at night to hang out at the Parlor and this stemmed a huge argument which led to the living room going up in flames. Daisy flew away from the house and didn’t look back. After spending several months flitting from one couch to another and acquiring money in less than honest fashions (being small and quick certainly has it’s advantages) the owner of the Pizza Parlor she hung out at offered her a position and arranged more permanent lodging. Though she gladly accepted and appreciated the opportunity she had already acquired a taste for the sneakier ways of supplementing her income and never quite gave them up.


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