Paul Zimmerman

A Knight Indeed



High Concept: A Knight Indeed

Trouble: Patience, not my virtue

Other: Rennaisance Gentleman; It’s not what you fight, it’s what you fight for; For thou art with me; “You look like you need help…”; Handy (,) Man


Superb (+5): Conviction

Great (+4): Fists, Weapons

Good (+3): Presence, Endurance

Fair (+2): Discipline, Might

Average (+1): Athletics, Investigation, Lore, Rapport

Stunts and Powers

-1 Bless This House: Increases the power of an existing threshold

-1 Guide My Hand: Tends to be where he is needed, can sub Conviction for other skill in particular circumstances

-1 Holy Touch: His touch may satisfy a Catch, or drive away creatures who are an offense to his faith.

-2 Righteousness: Prayers and pleas with the divine are more potent.

-3 Fidelachius: The Sword of Faith, a Sword of the Cross – A katana in form, this weapon is one of the three Swords of the Cross, blessed weapons wielded by the Knights of the Cross.

Total Refresh Adjustment: -8

Stress Tracks

Physical: 0000
Mental: 0000 (+1 Consequence)
Social: 0000


Where he comes from…

Born to wealthy atheist parents, Paul was raised in a metaphorical ivory tower. Though his parents were always somewhat distant, he was able to excel in virtually every area he applied himself. They demanded success and proper bearing from him, and that was what he gave them. He became a decent athlete, scholar, dancer and a snappy dresser. He found out during a high school project, researching his family tree, that he is a lineal descendant of Constantine, Emperor of Rome.
Aspect: Rennaisance Gentleman

What shaped him…

After High School he was in a Summer Internship program before going to college and this was where he was first exposed to poverty, homelessness and starvation. Abstract evils in his mind before, now they had concrete shape. Vincent Allen, the minister who was leading the intern program, took special interest in Paul, who was genuinely compassionate, and willing to get his hands dirty to help and protect those in the projects who needed it. Vincent, and his friend Father William Benson, former Special Ops soldiers who had both become warriors for the Church against darkness, in the Ordo Occultus Vesica Sarcalogos, trained Paul. Vincent pounded into the young man not only how to stand up, but what to stand up for.
Aspect: It’s not what you fight, it’s what you fight for

The Shadow In The Valley

Paul rejects college, and his parents cut him out of their lives after finding out that not only is he not continuing his education, but that he has become Christian. Cast out, he seeks help from Vincent Allen, but finds that his friend has been slain by monsters, and that he has been framed for it! Can he prove his innocence with Detective Johnathan Marsh hot on his trail, and the Vory’s ghoulish hitmen on his trail, and stop the flow of “Rage,” onto the streets, without sacrificing the values he holds most dear?
Aspect: For thou art with me

Dog Day Summer

Guest Star: When Drake was on the run from the pack of bad wolves he fell in with, he was homeless on the streets of SF. Paul helped him out by taking him to Father William Benson. With the help of the Father, and the more than ample sacred ground Paul was able to keep the pack at bay from the Church, providing Drake some needed respite.
Aspect: “You look like you need help…”

Big Trouble In Little Tenderloin

Guest Star: While Johnathan Marsh was bringing down the slave trading ring the Tongs have set up, Drake and Paul were freeing the girls in the back of the house. Paul had to resort to hack saw and hammer to get the manacles free enough for them to clear out before the Feds slammed down.
Aspect: Handy (,) Man


He’s been spending time with the Faerie Lady of the Autumn Court, Willow, the Knight of the Autumn Court, Becca, and a Fiery Fae from the Summer Court, Daisy, in addition to Johnathan and Drake. The group, together, has rescued a daughter of a friend of the Mayor, who got in a bit over her head, they have investigated a string of kidnappings instigated by White Court Vampires, and have been commissioned to find a very important book by a Dragon, and by the erstwhile Emperor Norton.

The last weeks have been spent with his cousin Michael, and Michael’s friend, Sanya, the other Knights of the Cross. Paul has been training with them, which has not been easy, especially considering how he earned the right to be one of their number…

Paul Zimmerman

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