High Concept: Tree Hugging Dryad
Trouble: Arbor Day Adventist
Other Aspects: Growing Pains, Heard and Not Seen, Biological Warfare, Wait! We can talk about this!


Superb: Presence
Great: Survival
Good: Rapport, Empathy
Fair: Conviction, Discipline, Investigation
Average: Resources, Athletics, Intimidation, Deceit, Weapon

Stunts & Powers
Nature Magic, Glamour, Worldwalker


Base Refresh=9
Adjusted Refresh=2 (+2)
Total Refresh Adjustment= -7


Phase One
Aspect: Growing Pains
Grew up in Summer Court. Daughter of a Lord and now Autumn Queen. Does not really get along with any of her family.

Phase Two
Aspect: Heard and Not Seen
Couldn’t keep her mouth shut and was given a choice to shape up or ship out!

Phase Three “Pollen Count”
Aspect: Biological Warefare
The city was going to bulldoze a big park and she protests by using biological warfare (Poison Oak). Becca (Molly) was in on the protest and was arrested with me. Arrested by Jonathan (Tyson)

Phase Four "Breaking the Ice:
Aspect: Wait! We can talk about this!
Joined the Autumn court and helped form the action plan to make it happen. In line to become the Lady of the Court. Joined ranks from the beginning with Daisy (Daisy) and Becca (Molly).

Phase Five “Corner Stone Riots”
Aspect: Unexpected Allies
Attacked in an alley by a Fae who was trying to to stop the finding of the corner stone that would give the Autumn Court an advantage. Saved by Drake (Maynard) Who becomes a trusted ally.


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