Dragons over The Bay

Adventure Log 8-19-2010

Johnathan Marsh was tasked with tracking down Vanessa Carmichael, the daughter of an influential family.

Miss Carmichael, a graduate student at UCSF, was studying the spirits of the bay, and their interactions with the Pacific Ocean.

At approximatly the same time, Emperor Norton burst into the Pizza Parlor, exclaimed that he was happy to see Daisy, Becca and Willow, because they were exactly the people needed to save the girl, who was important, and that they should call the Cop, because he would know who she was.

After speaking with some people in Chinatown, and the police, they found out that Chin Tao was tasked by some people in China with tracking her down and shipping her off, because some people back in the old country wanted to speak with her.

The group went to speak with Mr. Chin, getting very little info out of him, but he was lying about knowing anything about the girl.

While most of the group was talking to him, Daisy decided to have a look in his office. Finding it guarded, she did what she does best, and started a grease-fire in the kitchen, using the confusion and smoke as cover to pick the lock on the door and sneak in. Unable to figure out any clues from his notes (being as they were all in Chinese), she did however find and open a safe, which contained some stacks of cash and a small ledger. Swiping both, she eventually handed over the ledger to Det. Marsh.

The group then went and searched Miss Carmichael’s apartment, finding that, while not a high powered practitioner, she did have some real power. Drake sniffed her sheets and caught her scent.

Willow and Becca then performed a ritual to summon up one of the little folk that Vanessa had called up, a little Nixie for information. they got some info out of him, but accidentally promised just a couple more questions, then wasted their two questions.

While the ladies were performing their ritual, Paul, drake and Marsh wandered around the wharf district, Paul trusting in the Lord to guide him to where he was needed. Thankfully, he did, dropping him off at a warehouse guarded by a couple of guys with guns.

The next day, after some scouting by their resident pixie, they burst in, and after a brief fight, managed to save the girl, and managed to capture or arrest several members of the Tong. The wizard and his wereocelot bodyguards, however, managed to escape, but not without leaving behind some evidence about who he was.

Character Creation 8-5-2010

Mostly ran through character creation, little bit of world building

Daisy is playing Daisy, the firecracker pixi changeling of the Summer Court

Maynard is playing Drake, the Amnesiac were-wolf

‘Chelle is playing Willow the Lady-in-Waiting of the Autumn Court

Tyson is playing Johnathan Marsh, a fishy cop on the edge

Molly is playing Becca the Knight of the Autumn Court

Paul is playing Paul Zimmerman, Knight-of-the-Cross-to-Be

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