Autumn Court

This particular version of the Autumn Court is the most recent attempt (someone tries to make either an autumn or spring court every couple hundred years. Most lack the mojo or the personal leadership to keep it up for long)

Founded (and started to be taken a little seriously) when Knight of Autumn Becca (along with some help from various and sundry rebellious (or just bored and interested) Summer fae) walked right into Winter’s heart, kicked open a door, and dished out some hurt to the guards in order to save a Friend of Autumn.

The “Queen” of this court is an exceptionally old and powerful Dryad named Veldara. Unlike most dryads, whose hair changes with the seasons, her hair seems locked in reds, oranges and browns, the typical Oak autumn colors.

The aspects that seem to adhere the most to the Fae Magics the court ascribes to are: Wildness, Change, Aging, Earth and Maturity. In truth it was the demonstration of those aspects of magic from Becca, the Knight of Autumn, that established that this Court might actually have some sort of power this time around…

Autumn Court

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